A&P services are available to commercial and industrial manufacturers of heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, medical devices, aerospace, and information technology equipment.

Through the implementation and refinement of extended protection plans, Alexander & Preston creates a circular economy, driving value to all members across the product life cycle from manufacturers to distributors to customers. This allows manufacturers and distributors to focus on their critical goals of building, selling, and servicing products.


Additionally, the company works with incumbent insurance brokers and consultants to maximize the use of captive insurance to support traditional enterprise risk management associated with property and casualty programs, such as general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and property coverage.

Extended Protection Plans (EPP)

  • Optimizes warranty processes
  • Designs and develops EPP programs
  • Provides analytics and management
  • Helps partners increase parts and services revenue
  • Strategies to build customer loyalty

Insurance and Underwriting Advisory Services

  • Collaborates with partners’ vendors and insurance brokers
  • Coordinates feasibility studies
  • Recommends alternative risk management solutions

Alternative Risk Management Solutions

  • Oversees captive application process
  • Implements compliance processes
  • Supports administration and services for all programs
  • Adjudicates claims